Sunday, November 2, 2008

Onions/Green Peppers Freezer Tip

Learned this from my mom. Dice a bunch of green peppers and onions at once and then freeze them to use later in your cooking. This wont work if you need fresh ones since they do tend to get a little soggy when frozen but they are perfect for hash browns, sauces, soups etc... anything that you cook.

Very handy. Also these dicer things (in the picture) are wonderful.

We store ours in cheap little snack sized zip lock bags and then put those in the freezer bags.

My mom also cooks and then freezes hamburger and chicken (shred the chicken before freezing) the same way. So if you were going to make tacos you could just pull out a small hamburger one, reheat in the microwave and then add your seasoning. Or with the cooked frozen chicken this makes it easy to do chicken salad sandwiches since cooking and shredding the chicken is half the battle.

This picture I just thought was funny with Addy cheezin' it in the background!

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