Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top Ramen + Frozen Peas = ....

Well this is more of a parent hack/cooking tip.  

Cooking Tip Part:
I usually will throw a bunch of frozen peas in my Top Ramen for the last minute of it cooking, just to add a vegetable to the meal so I feel like I am being healthy (I know it is far from being healthy! I also know that a lot of people do this and this wont be new to most of you but the next part is why I posted it here!) :)

Parent Hack Part:
My kids have really liked it but this is where the parent hack part comes in. I tend to like my foods pretty hot but the kids do not. So now I wait to add the frozen peas. I just add them (still frozen) to the bottom of their bowl and then add just the noodles, not much liquid, on top of them. They stir it around for a little bit and by the time they have had their fun stiring it, the peas are warm and the noodles aren't hot.

Of course this would work with any frozen vegetable but peas tend to be my favorite for this. Also my mom got me hooked on adding cottage cheese to the Ramen noddles. I know that probably sounds gross to everyone, but I like it! Ha! :)

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