Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vanilla Yogurt

I never would have guessed you could make yogurt with your powdered milk, but thanks to Heather, I've tried it and it works. My girls love the yogurt (personally I still like yoplait better if I'm just eating yogurt) but I do like to mix it with granola. Mostly I'm just glad to know I can use all the powdered milk I have in food storage if I need to.

Warm 3 clean quart jars (or 2 quart jars and 1 pint jar) by filling them with hot water. Let sit.

Soften in a pan on the stove on low:
2 Packets Unsweetened Gelatin
2 T. Cold Water

Stir until dissolved:
2 c. Dry Powdered Milk
3 c. Warm Water (between 80 – 110 degrees)

1 ½ t. Vanilla
½ c. Sugar (or ½ c. Honey)
½ c. Plain Yogurt
4 ½ c. Warm Water (between 80 – 110 degrees)

Stir some milk mixture into the gelatin mixture then add all of the gelatin mixture into the milk mixture.

Empty the water from your quart jars and fill with the yogurt mixture.

Cover loosely with lids and put in crockpot lined with clean towels. Cover jars with towels to keep the warmth in. Turn the crockpot on for a minute or 2 every so often to keep it warm. Use candy thermometer to monitor temperature (between 80 – 110 degrees). Let sit undisturbed for 6-8 hours.

I have also been using this yogurt a lot in smoothies, and I have a couple muffin recipes that call for yogurt. I'll post the recipes I use the yogurt in soon.

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